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AED, ECG, oximeters and oxisensors
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zoll aed pro

zoll aed pads


We provide two kinds of Zoll AED's: the Plus and Pro versions. The fully automatic motorized Plus version is primarily intended for the first aider / BHV staff or inexperienced worker, semi-automatic AED Pro is more suitable for medical professionals.

Zoll AED Plus
The PLus version is specially designed for the inexperienced worker to doa a safe and reliable resuscitation. The Zoll AED Plus is equipped with unique CPR-D padz, pre-connected electrode from a piece that excludes incorrect installation by the rescuer. The electrode is supplied with all the essentials and connections.
Supplied in a bag, a CPR-D padz ten Lithium batteries and an English manual. Weight: 3.1 kg. Size: 29 x 24 x 13 cm. Energy level: 120 J ascending. Electrodes and battery life: 5 years.

The Pro version is particularly suitable for this professional care provider and has a number of additional features: a choice between manual and automatic mode, an LCD screen for displaying and analyzing ECG data from the patient and data storage via USB or infrared port.
Due to its rubber casing, this AED also extremely robust and durable. The AED has drop test from 1.5 m endured and has an IP55 certification for waterproofing spray.
Comes with ZOLL lithium battery, Stat-Padz II electrode (optional CPR-D Padz) and EN manual. Dimensions: 7.6 cm x 23.5 cm x 23.9 cm. Weight: 2.9 kg. Energy level: 120-200 J (adults) and 50-85 J (child.)
We also supply various Zoll AED accessories such as CPR-D padz, Stat-padz II and batteries.
Zoll AED Plus    0107932
Zoll AED Pro    0107937
Zoll Stat-pad IIelectrodes adults pair    0107938
Zoll Stat-pad IIelectrodes adults 12 pair    0107939
Zoll Pedi-padz IIelectrodes child pair    0107935
Zoll AED Plus CPR-D Padz adults pair    0107933
Zoll Pace Padz    0107080
Zoll Pro Lithium battery    0107936
Zoll Pro Lithium battery 3volt 13A 10 pieces    0107934







Saver One AEDs

Saver One AEDs are available in three variants.
All variants have in common that they are made ​​of strong ABS plastic, shock-proof and water and dust resistant.
Differences between the three Saver One AEDs are mainly in the extent of the possibilities which make with the target group for which they are designed. More information can be found on a separate website: cardiosaver.nl (dutch)

Saver One standard
An easy to use but reliable AED with illuminated icons and voice prompts. Especially suitable for the layman-rescuer to perform lifesaving actions effectively.
When the Saver One is turned on, the device tells you where the electrodes should be placed on the chest of the patient and also indicates if this is not done properly. The AED starts to monitor the patient continuously and advise on each step in the resuscitation process. When a shock is needed, the counselor will hear a voice prompt and an icon flashes orange, indicating that the shock button needs to be pressed.
A handy mini LCD screen shows battery level remaining percentage and text instructions simultaneously with the spoken instructions; useful in noisy and chaotic circumstances.
The battery is disposable and can be last at least 200 shocks. The standby life is 3 years. Alternatively, we can provide a rechargeable battery and charger. A 1GB memory card has room for 40 hour ECG recordings and environment. These can be read out using the optional "Saver View" software.
Contents: 1 x AED Saver One 200J, 1 disposable LiMnO2 battery, one pair of electrode pads for adults, a manual and a first aid kit AED. A SD memory card is optional.
Saver One standard 200J
Saver One D
This version is particularly suitable for more experienced (para) medical workers in schools, offices, shopping malls, hotels, train / bus stations, health facilities, airports etc. A large 13 cm LCD screen shows ECG waveform records, information on heart rate, impedance, fibrillations, the shocks delivered, the duration of the rescue operation and the level of the battery. As with ordinary Saver One these records can saved to an SD card and can be read with optional "Saver One" software.
Contents: 1 x AED Saver One D 200J, 1 disposable LiMnO2 battery, one pair of electrode pads for adults, operating an AED First aid kit and an SD memory card.
Saver One D 200J
Saver One P
A robust AED, especially suitable for the experienced professional rescuer. In manual mode, it is a professional defibrillator for qualified and trained personnel in an ambulance for example, a health care institution, the military or cruise ship, in automatic mode, it acts, if necessary, as a regular AED. Besides all the possibilities Saver One D, Saver One P has a manual mode that makes it truly a professional defibrillator for the most demanding rescuer. Through a set-up menu can be set which defibrillation mode is selected (automatic, synchronous or asynchronous mode), the intensity of the energy, which text / language and display settings that can be adjusted to the environment.
Contents: 1 x AED Saver One P 360J, 1 disposable LiMnO2 battery, one pair of electrode pads for adults, a manual, a first aid kit and AED an SD memory card.
Saver One P 360J  
Accessoires voor Saver One AED's
Disposableelectrodes adult   single
Disposableelectrodes child  single
Trainer Saver One (incl training electrodes)
Disposable battery  
Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Battery charger + AC/DC Adapter L  
Wall cabinet with alarm


Philips HeartStart pads en batter
For the Philips HeartStart AEDs such as HS1 and FRx we also offer pads and batteries.

Philips HeartStart FRx/HS1 battery    01079201
Philips HeartStart FRx Smart IIelectrodes    01079208
Philips HeartStart HS1electrodes adults    01079204

>>   We also provide CPR and AED training!   <<


The ECG F12 makes it possible to display ECG recordings on a computer screen. All 12 leads are recorded simultaneously (recording duration of 10 seconds). The recordings can be stored and imported from patient files. A complete pathological library stored. Two different recordings can be compared with each other simultaneously.
The device comes with ECG cable, 10 wires, 4 clips for the limbs, 6 suction cups, a user manual and software on CD-ROM.
There are two versions: one with wire connection (via USB and serial port) and wireless. The distance between the patient and the PC can be up to 10 meters.
ECG F12 wired  0107F1201
ECG F12 wired and wireless  0107F1202






ECG electrodes

Blue Sensorelectrodes
Blue Sensor ECG electrodes have an asymmetric connection. Therefore they cause less interference by cable movement. The electrodes are easy to connect and are suitable for any type of ECG recorder.
R-OO-S, 25 pcs. Ø 48 mm    0107070
T-OO-S, 25 pcs., Ø 48 mm    0107079
M-OO-S, 50 pcs., Ø 20 mm    01070702
N-OO-S, 25 pcs., Ø 20 mm child < 3 yr    0107076

Ambu White Sensor single use

Ambu White Sensor single use electrodes with a highly conductive solid gel with strong adhesion, for good signal quality during short-term ECG monitoring applications.
Ambu White Sensor single use /50 pcs.    0107073

3M Red Dotelectroden volwassenen en neonaten

Universal, hypoallergenic electrodes last up to five monitoring days.
3M Electrodes neonatal are ideal for use in Intensive Care Units for shorter term monitoring on smaller, less active premature babies and infants.
Red Dot volw. 2560, 35 x 40 mm, 50 pcs.    0107049
Red Dot Neonatal 2282E, 22mm, 3 pcs.    0107048
Cadence en Quick Combodefibrillation electrodes
Electrodes for the Lifepack defibrillator. Per pair.
Cadence def.electrodes for Lifepack, adults    01072250
Cadense def.electroden for Lifepack, child    01072251
Quick combo Redipak for Lifepack, adult    01070157
Quick Combo pediatric for Lifepack, child    01070160

Electrode clips

Four clamps in the colors black, yellow, green and red.
Electrode clips , 4 pcs.    0107047

Print paper for ecg monitoring
Lifepak 10 print paper    0107164
HP reg papier codemaster n.mo    0107165
Lifepak 12 print paper    0107167
Corplus print paper    0107159
Corplus Small, 10 pcs    0107163
Zoll print paper    0107160
Propaq print paper    0107860

Pulse oximeters

AeroCheck Finger Pulse oximeter
Very compact and lightweight finger pulse oximeter to measure the oxygen content, and heart rate SpO2 % and PR are displayed on the screen. The two AAA batteries last for 100 hours.
SpO2 range: 35 % – 100 %. Pulse range: 20 – 240 beats /min.
AeroCheck Vinger Pulsoximeter    01078501

Nonin Onyx 9500 pulse oximeter

The world’s smallest fingertip oximeter, providing a cost effective solution for spot-checks and short-term monitoring. A new turn-off mechanism allows two AAA batteries to provide approximately 2500 spot-checks or 18 hours of continuous operation. SpO2 range: 0 % – 100 %. Pulse range: 18 – 300 beats/min.
Nonin Onyx 9500 Pulse Oximeter    01078550


Oxi sensors

Nellcor SpO2 oxisensor disposable

Variants compatible with most popular original manufacturers. Optimal design for all patient groups (adults, all children, and neonates), guaranteeing ease of positioning, repositioning and a high degree of patient comfort.
Oxisensor adult 2211-1 24 pcs.    010783144
Oxisensor child 2211-2 24 pcs.    010783145
Oxisensor infant 2211-5 24 pcs.    010783146
Oxisensor neonate 2211-6 24 pcs.    010783147
Oxisensor D-20 peadiatric MAX-P 24 pcs.    010783142
Oxisensor N-25 neonatal/adult MAX-N 24 pcs    010783141
Nellcor DS 100 reusable sp02 sensor    01078500/0
Extension wire nellcor DEC 8 2.4 m    01079021/3
Extension wire nellcor DEC 4 1.2 m    01079021/2

Envitec Softtip Nellcor

Pulse oximetry sensors are usually the first thing to break on any patient monitor. Most sensors on the market are of the plastic spring clip style. The spring goes, the clip snaps, they’re impossible to clean. Well now we can answer your problems with our Soft Tip Pulse Oximetry Sensors. These sensors are of a latex-free rubbery-boot style.
Softtip Nellcor 90 cm adult    01079023
Softtip Nellcor 90 cm child    010783138

Datascope Masimo LNOP sensors

Datascope offers a complete range of latex-free Masimo LNOP (Low Noise Optical Probe) sensors. All Masimo sensors are designed so that they are compatible with the full range of Datascope monitors including the Trio, Passport 2, Spectrum, Accutorr Plus, Radical and Rad 9.
LNOP-NEOPT, < 1 kg (20 pcs.)    010783149
LNOP-NEO, < 10 kg (20 pcs.)    010783151
Oxisensor LNOP-inf Masimo 3-20 kg    010783152
LNOP-PDT 10 -50 kg (20 pcs.)    010783148
LNOP-ADT. > 30 kg (20 pcs.)    010783150
Massimo reusable fingerclip >30 kg    01079021
   -->We supply everything from Masimo! Products on request

ALMEVA - 2015
p >30 kg    01079021    --> Wij leveren alles van Masimo! Producten op aanvraag.

ALMEVA - 2015