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Resuscitators and oxygen
 Meditech Microvent Resuscitators  Hyperventilation
 AMBU Resuscitators  Pressure Reducing Valves
 AMBU masks and peep valves  LSP demand valves
 Laerdal Resuscitatorsn and masks  Oxgen masks
 Söhngen Resuscitators  Nasal cannula
 Transparent and Rendell-Baker masks  Oxygen connection hoses
 Pocketmasks CPR  CO2 and etCO2 detectors
 Life Key's and face shields CPR  Cricothyrotomy


reanimatieset O2 handafzuigunit





Meditech MicroVENT resuscitators
The latest generation Micro-Vent ® resuscitators Meditech are currently the most advanced affordable volume / time controlled resuscitators / ventilators on the market. Key Features:
- Lightweight and compact in size
- Pneumatic oxygenation
- Automatic (time / volume-controlled) mode
- Manual mode to adjust settings
- Respiratory assist valve
- Excellent view of patients and controls
- Simple operation with ergonomic design
- All controls are located in the grip.
MicroVENT Classic Advanced Airmix
MicroVENT EU Advanced Adult    0108603
MicroVENT Advanced NL01 45 Hayer    0108604
Meditech Oxygen regulators and flow selectors
MT Meditech A modular design of brass oxygen regulators for medical
use offering reliable service at a realistic price. Make a decision:
Pin index or bullnose input (cylinder) fitting and the number of output fittings (0, 1 or 2).
Oxygen therapy is easily chosen by rotating the "Flow rate selector". Choose from 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 15 litres per minute.
Pin Index without output fitting    0103628
Pin Index with 1 output fitting    0108076-1
Pin Index with 2 output fitting    0103626
Bullnose without output fitting    0108071
Bullnose with 1 output fitting    0108075
*) It is also possible to opt for pressure regulators / pressure reducing valves without flow selector, without the possibility of oxygen therapy


Ambu Mark IV

Ambu siliconen ballon



ambu ballon disposable

AMBU Resuscitators

Ambu® Mark IV - Re-usable Resuscitator
Ambu Mark IV is available in two sizes: The Ambu Mark IV Adult is designed for manual ventilation of adults and children with a body weight of down to approximately 15 kg (3 years), and the Ambu Mark IV Baby for infants and children with a body weight of up to about 20 kg (4-5 years). The double wall bag provides build in pressure limitation Unique single-shutter valve system. 100% Latex free.
Ambu Mark IV adult  01020120
AMBU Mark IV infant /baby without mask  0102014
AMBU ark IV infant / baby with masker 0  0102015

AMBU Oval Plus Silicone Resuscitator

Ambu Silicone Resuscitators are semi-transparent and come with a pressure limitation valve (excl. adult version). The resuscitators feature a textured surface and come with a unique support strap ensuring a firm grip and providing effective ventilation.The bag is very easy to hold with just one hand and can be operated for extended periods without hand fatigue. The adult, and infant/child versions deliver tidal volumes of 1500 ml, 450 ml respectively.
The Ambu Silicone Resuscitators are made from 100% latex free material. The bags are made of silicone rubber. Ambu Silicone Resuscitator, adult, body weight down to 30 kg (10 years). Ambu Silicone Resuscitator, infant/child, body weight of 10-30 kg (1-10 years).
AMBU Oval Plus Silicone Resuscitators adult  0102016
AMBU Oval Plus Silicone Resuscitators infant/child  0102018


For a complete list of parts and accessories for the
Ambu Mark IV and the Oval Plus Silicone Resuscitators consult the pdf


Ambu® SPUR® - Disposable Resuscitator
Ambu SPUR is made from a SEBS polymer instead of PVC. This classifies the SPUR as environmentally safe and fully disposable, thus eliminating all risk of cross contamination.
The Adult SPUR is including patient mask No. 5, handle, O2 reservoir, connection for PEEP valve and oxygen reservoir
Ambu SPUR disposable Resuscitator adult  0102017
Ambu SPUR disposable Resuscitator paediatric  01020171

ambu maskers


peep ventielen

AMBU disposable face masks

Ambu disposable face masks are designed for use with manual and automatic resuscitators and ventilators. Mask dome and cushion are made of latex-free PVC.
Ambu baby mask size OA transp      0105008
Ambu baby mask size O transp      0105009
Ambu baby mask size O checkvalve      01050091
Ambu Rendell Baker, size 0      0105013
Ambu silicone mask child, no.2      0105014
Ambu silicone mask medium, no.4      01050140
Ambu silicone mask adult, no.5      01050141

AMBU Peep valves

Ambu peep valve 10 mbar, 30mm      01020136
Ambu peep valve20 mbar, 30mm      01020137
Ambu peep valve 20 mbar, 22mm      01020139
Ambu peep valve 20 mbar, 30mm orange, disposable  01020132
Ambu baby peep valve 10 mbar, 18mm    01020138

laerdal beademingsballon




laerdal maskers

Laerdal Laerdal silicone resuscitator
Latex-free silicone resuscitators to ensure economical operation and long life, they are easy to clean and sterilize. The balloon is available in two versions: base with or without mask or complete (balloon, masks, buffer bag and connection).
Laerdal resuscitator baby without mask      0102105
Laerdal resuscitator baby mask 0      01021033
Laerdal resuscitator baby complete      0102103
Laerdal resuscitator child complete      0102102
Laerdal resuscitator adult complete      0102100
Laerdal resuscitator adult base & mask      0102101
Laerdal resuscitator case complete      0102108
Laerdal face masks
Laerdal mask rendell nr 0      01050001
Laerdal mask rendell nr 1      01050002
Laerdal mask baby nr 00 silic.      01050003
Laerdal mask baby nr 0/1 silic.      01050004
Laerdal mask nr 2 silic.      01050005
Laerdal mask nr. 3/4 silic.      01050006
Laerdal mask nr 4-5+ silic.    01050007

söhngen beademingsballon

SÖHNGEN resuscitators P antistatic
Adult variant has a silicone balloon with handle straps, patient valve, PEEP valve, adapter for additional features, combined inlet valve, transparent face mask and a foldable oxygen reservoir.
The baby variant has a patient valve, PEEP valve, combined inlet valve and Rendell-Baker resuscitation mask.
Resuscitator P anti-static      0102007
Oxygen reservoir      0102006
Resuscitator infant P anti-static    0102008




Transparent face masks

With a cuff made from silicone rubber (latex free), that is designed to mould comfortably and securely to any facial contours. The ergonomic cuff design also ensures that the masks may be used for manual resuscitation. The mask dome is manufactured using sulfonate resine and has an anti-condensation coating. Its transparency allows for continual patient observation.
Face mask small (infants)      0105015
Face mask medium (child)      0105016
Face mask large (adult)      0105017
Rendell Baker mask size 0      0105018
Rendell Baker mask size 1    0105019

medisize pocketmask


air vita bi ptoect pocketmask


ambu rescue pocketmak

kis of life

Pocket masks CPR

ALMEVA pocketmask
Re-usable, easy-to-clean, pocket size CPR mouth barrier has a transparent dome and completely seals easily to the faces of infants, children and adults. The Almeva Pocket Mask helps protect rescuers in an emergency situation. Features a replaceable one-way valve with biological filter in one housing. Includes: CPR mouth barrier w/plastic case, head strap, oxygen inlet & instructions
ALMEVA pocket mask  0104000
Other Pocket masks
Laerdall pocketmask  0104003
Laerdall pocketmask with O2 inlet  0104005
Medi-size pocketmask  0104001
Ambu Rescue pocket mask  0104011
Söhngen Air Vita Bi Protect pocketmask  0103007
CPR Life Key's
Respiration wipes with one-way valve prevents any risk of infection with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Handy with key chain.
Life Key Almeva - many colors  0103004
Ambu Life key in red pouch/keychain  0103011
Ambu Life Key in pouch with belt loop    0103012
Ambu Life Key single    0103013
CPR face shields
Respiration wipes with one-way valve prevents any risk of infection with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
Face shield CPR ALMEVA    0103017/1
Saving Kiss of Life original    0103010
Söhngen face shield in pouch  0103008
Söhngen face shield single    0103014

hyperventilatie masker




hyperfree ademcassette


Hyperventilation mask
The symptomatic therapy of re-breathing is a recognized first-aid procedure and has a proven success rate in the treatment of the hyperventilation syndrome. The anatomical shape of the mask, comfortably fitted over the mouth and nose, combined with the attached re-breathing bag, has a reassuring effect on the patient. An invaluable asset in every doctors surgery, ambulance, rescue vehicle, emergency kit, occupational safety installations and even in the hands of the patients themselves.
Hyperventilation mask  0101100
Hyperventilation masks, 12 pcs  01011001
Hyperfree breathing cassette
The Hyperfree is an effective, discreet rebreathing device for people who suffer from hyperventilation. It consists of a cassette made of two parts. The inside looks like a labyrinth. During an attack, the patient places the opening on the short side of the cassette against his mouth and exhales. The exhaled air flows through the labyrinth to an opening
on the long side of the cassette, while the CO2 is diverted and inhaled by the patient again. The patient can regulate the degree of breath resistance himself by covering the outflow opening with a finger. Tests have shown that the Hyperfree is very effective. It is easy to clean and handy to take along and comes in a dust-free case.
Hyperfree breathing cassette  0101101

reduceerventielen en flow mters

LSP demand valves


Pressure Reducing Valves and Flow Meters

Falke select flow PI    0103628
Falke select flow standaard    0103629
Falke select flow & DIN connector    0103630
Kolibri flow meter DIN    0103625
Kolibri flow valvel 0-4 litr    01036251
LSP Demand valve
Demand valve refill din connector    01100100
      Prices outlet fittings on request

transparante zuurstofmasker

zuurstofmasker non rebreathing

kind -nr

vernevelaar masker



Oxygen masks

Transparent oxygen masks
Transparent oxygen mask with a connector tube.
Oxygen mask adult  0109013
Oxygen mask child  01090134
Oxygen masks non rebreathing
Transparent mask with oneway valve (Non-Rebreathing). Included oxygen connection tube and oxygen bag.
Oxygen mask non reb + oxygen bag adult 1095  01090132
Oxygen mask non reb + oxygen bag child 1096  01090133
Oxygen mask with nebulizer
Transparant oxygen mask with nebulizer for medical inhalation therapy. Low flow possibilities (4 ltr/min). Oxygen tubing included.
Oxygen mask adult with nebulizer    01090122
Oxygen mask child with nebulizer    01090125
Nebulizer single (fits on 0109013)  01090121
Nasal Cannula
Choice of nasal cannulas with or without oxygen hose.
Nasal cannula 1012 adult with oxygen hose    0109010
Nasal cannula 1010 adult without oxygen hose    01090100
Nasal cannula child1013    01090102
CO2 Nasal cannula Oridon    0107858
Oxygen catheter
Oxygen catheter CH12 with sponge /100 pcs.    0109011A


Oxygen connection hoses
Oxygen hose 210 cm single    0109014
Oxygen hose argyle 3mm, 50 pcs.    01090141
Bubble oxygen
Disposable, green tube on roll.
Bubble 3 mm, 30 mtr green    01090161

easy-cap en pedi-cap

CO2 detectors
Measurement of etCO2 after placing endotracheal tube. Easy-cap for adults and Pedicap for childeren (< 15 kg).
Easy-cap adults  0109008
Pedi-cap (childeren > 15 kg)  0109007
Disposables for measurement of etCO2
Filterline set adult and child  25 pcs.  0107859
Filterline H pack 12  25 pcs  01070156
Sample noselineet CO2  single  01078212
Smart CapnoLine C02  single  01070156/

oxegen flow meter




Oxygen Flow Modulator
Used with emergency transtracheal catheter ventilation when conventional ventilation by mask or endotracheal tube cannot be performed.
Oxygen flow modulator 6.0-7.5 cm, 2mm, 15GA  2009350
Cricothyrotomy devices
Quicktrach Cricothyrotomy Kit is an ideal emergency airway device that allows quick and safe ventilation in the presence of acute respiratory distress with upper airway obstruction. The QuickTrach Cricothyrotomy Kit consists of a pre-assembled emergency cricothyrotomy unit with a 10 mm syringe attached to a padded neck strap and a flexible connecting tube.
Quicktrach Cricothyrotomy Kit child  2009342
Quicktrach Cricothyrotomy Kit adult  2009343
Cricothyrotomy needle adult
Cricothyrotomy needle child  01052516

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