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Patient transportation
  Stollenwerk carriages/stretchers  Backboards
   Folding stretchers  Faststrap patient belts
  Carriage stretcher  Sirius rescue sheets
  Stretcher belts  Baldur silver swaddle
  Stretcher pillow and blankets  Thermo set - Heat Retainer
  Patient transport matresses  Litter / stretcher COMBI
  Scoop stretchers  Meber Sedan escape chairs
  Sours-Comfort Basket stretcher  Escape-Chair escape chairs






Stollenwerk carriage and stretchers

New in our collection are the aluminum carriages and stretchers Stollenwerk for ambulance services. All components are modular and adaptable to your needs and requirements.

Stollenwerk carriages 4002/03 are light but very stable bases made ​​of anodized aluminum. The variable height and retractable front legs to make loading and unloading safe.
Specification: 200 (L) x 55 cm (B). Min. and max height with stretcher: 31 to 100 cm. Load Height: 63.5 to 73 cm. Weight: 27.5 kg, max loading weight: 250 kg. The 4003 is identical to the 4002 except that the two front wheels are 160mm instead of 125mm, which gives extra stability on uneven ground.

Stollenwerk stretchers 3002/03/06/08 made of anoidized aluminum stretcher according to DIN EN 1865. The differences between these stretchers are in more or less adjustability of the bed base. Back, feet or abdominal area can be controlled by means of gas springs independently. The carrying handles are extendable to all stretchers and the side tube is foldable.
Specifications: Length (with carrying handles input and extended 191 to 230 cm. Width, between two side bars, 55 cm. Height including base rod 30 cm, stretcher to top side bars 31.5 cm.

Stollenwerk carriage 4002 (125mm front wheels)    
Stollenwerk carriage 4003 (160mm front wheels)    
Stollenwerk stretcher 3002    
Stollenwerk stretcher 3003    
Stollenwerk stretcher 3006    
Stollenwerk stretcher 3008    







Stretcher N, 1 x foldable (DIN 13 024)
Measuring 2.302 x 556 x 137 mm (folded 192 x 15 x 14,5 cm). Weight 7,3 kg. Seamless aluminium structure with carrying capacity to 150 kg. The stretcher cover offers durable water repellency, a smooth surface for complete and easy disinfection, and a satisfying performance even after repeated use. Non-slip and insulated carrying handles. Both types have pillow bags and safety belts with quick release clip locks.
Stretcher N, 1 x Foldable Polythene cover  0601002
Stretcher N, 1 x Foldable Synthetic cover  0601004
Transport bag orange      0602001

Stretcher K, 1 x foldable (DIN 13 024)

Same models as above but twice fold. Dimensions folded 99 x 13 x 17.5 cm.
Stretcher K, 2 x Foldable polythene cover  0601003
Stretcher K, 2 x Foldable Synthetic cover  0601005
Transport bag orange      0602002
Stretcher carriage
Made of high quality seamless steel tubing, measuring 106 x 57 x 70 cm. Colour white. Electrostatic white powder coating. Solid and stable workmanship to ensure long lasting durability. Featuring four guidable castors with ball bearing and rubber wheels, Ø 200 mm diameter, four rollers to avoid wall contact and four stable supports for the stretcher. Suitable for mounting stretchers of all types. The carriage is easy to move and has a comfortable height for patient care and medical supply.
Stretcher Carriage, rigid      0601015
Stretcher Carriage, foldable      0601017


Stretcher belts

Stretcher shoulder belts
Shoulder belt that makes stretcher transit easier. By placing the belts on the stretcher handles, the patient/stretcher weight is transferred from the arms to the shoulder of the pyramidic. Natural colour, 80 mm wide, adjustable length from 100 to 140 cm.
Stretcher shoulder belts for stretcher N or K  0602005
RAPID patient restraint belts
To ensure patient safety and security on stretchers.
RAPID body belts 2000 x 120 mm    0602016
RAPID whrist belts 300 x 50 mm    0602017
RAPID ankle belts 400 x 50mm    0602018
RAPID upper leg belts 800 x 50 mm    0602019



Stretcher pillows
Stretcher pillow    0602007
Stretcher pillow model "Jantje"    0602015
Stretcher blankets and sheets
Stepper Comfort blanket - dim. 200 x 135 cm. Weighs about 750 g. Outside 40 g / m² PP Filled with 200 g / m² polyester material. White.
Stretcher Blanket multicolor - Light blanket for stretchers
Wiesbaden blanket is a blend of 60% cotton and 40% Dralon, size: 150x200 cm, weight approx 400 g / m². Washable.
Stretcher Sheet - single use, made ​​of fleece material, soft quality, white. Size: 200 x 100 cm
Stepper Comfort blanket    0602046
Stretcher Blanket multicolor    0602152
Wiesbaden blanket cotton/dralon    0602049
Stretcher Sheet - single use    1005087

Stretcher mattress
Foam padding 40mm. Complan polyester with special coating.
Colour Orange. Flame retardant. Easy to clean and maintain. With 6 handles.
Stretcher matress 185 x 52 cm  0601026

Recue sheet DIN 13 040
Size 200 x 70 cm. Three carrying handles on each side reinforced by a strong fabric tube. Supplied with a sewn-on foot bag. Two models to choose: cotton or complan (polyester fabric with a sealed PVC coated surface, orange, tear and temperature withstanding, flame retardant).
Rescue sheet DIN 13 040 Complan    0601067




Disasterbag - is a combination of a rescue cloth and a mountain rescue or transport bag. Zipper in the middle, close at foot end and open at the main section. Dim. 200 x 70 cm. Three handles on each side.
 Disasterbag      0603021
Body bags
Durable, moisture-permeable. In all sizes and with or without handles
Body bag 0,2 mm thick      3009005
Body bag 0,3 mm, extra quality  3009006
Body bag 0,3 mm, 4 handles  3009007
Body bag 0,3 mm, 6 handles  3009008


Scoope stretchers

Scocope stretcher Long Bed
Inexpensive aluminum stretcher. Divisible in length.
Size: 204 x 44 x 7 cm. Folded 117 x 44 x 9 cm. Wt. 9 kg, max load 150 kg. Included 3 belts.
Scoope stretcher Long Bed    0612036
Scope stretcher Eco type 630
Aluminum frame. Dimensions: 168-201 cm long, 44 cm wide. Weight: 10 kg. Max. load capacity: 150 kg. Incl. 3 belts.
Scope stretcher Eco type 630    0612034
Scoope stretcher Ferno EXL
Made from lightweight, high-impact composite materials. Twin aluminium safety lock for smooth and nonbinding locking and unlocking. 3 belts included. Load Limit: 150 kg; weight: 8 kg; size open: 166/201 x 43 x 7 cm.
Scoope stretcher Ferno EXL    0606364
Head Fixation Set for Scoop Stretcher
Side pads and head restrainers for the safe and secure immobilisation of the head on the scoop stretcher limiting localised and excessive pressure. The lightweight side pads are made of expanded rubber padding with washable nylon covers. Orange in colour with adjustable velcro fasteners.
Head Fixation Set for Scoop Stretcher    0601045

Secour-Comfort Basket Stretcher
The Basket Stretcher Secour-Comfort is suitable for rescues from heights and depths and for any situation where the casualty needs to be dragged, carried or lifted across rough and muddy terrain. The shell is manufactured from high density HDPE with a tubular aluminium frame to ensure maximum strength and stability of the stretcher. Moulded-in runners and handholds. Adjustable lifting bridles. Including 4 quick-release patient restraint belts. Aluminium canted footrest with neoprene surface and adjustable straps. Size: 2.170 x 620 x 185 mm,
weight: 13,5 kg, load limit: 278 kg.
Basket stretcher    0601024
Steel rope system for Basket Stretcher 80m  0601033






NAJO® RediHold
NAJO® backboards Strong, lightweight, one-piece high-density polythene plastic construction is impervious to all bodily fluids, is easy to decontaminate, and provides 100% x-ray translucency. This board is also buoyant and can be used to float a patient in the water.
Size: 183x 41 cm. Weight 7 kg. Load limit: 225 kg.
NAJO® RediHold      0606367
Backbourd Ferno 2010
Universal backboard made of plastic. Size: 183 x 46 cm.
Backbourd Ferno 2010 plastic      0606374
Iron Duck Ultra Spac-Sav folding backboard
This folding backboard takes up half the space of standard backboards. Great for use in other location where storage space is limited. Size: 183 x 41 cm. Load capacity: 230 kg.
Iron Duck Ultra Spac-Sav folding backboard      0606365
Laerdal Baxstrap backboard
A durable, rigid yet lightweight spine board, Xray tanslucent. Extra large handholds make it easy to grab, even with heavy gloved hands. Size: 183 x 40 cm. Weight: 8 kg.
Laerdal Baxstrap backboard      0606366
Faststrap Quick Restraint belts
The Faststrap Quick Restraint 10-point, 5 strap system is used to secure patients to backboards and other devices. Size: 165 cm.
Fast Strap Quick Restraint (multi colors)      0606352
Head fixation systems
Head restrainers on backboards for safe and secure transport.
Leardal Speedblocks Starters Pack      0606356/
Red Leaf Head Immobilization model 445      0606354
Head ImmobilizationFerno FW445      0606358
Head straps for FW445      06063580






Rescue sheets


Sirius rescue sheets
Manufactured from polyester foil and aluminized in an intense vacuumization process, the sheet is silver on one side, backed by gold on the reverse side. The sheet reflects up to 85% of body warmth, prevents hypothermia and rapid decreases in body temperature. It has the added advantage in that it can also be used to protect from heat. It has an excellent signalling effect and the gold side can be clearly seen in darkness.
Sirius recue sheet silver/ gold   210 x 160 cm  0701010
BALDUR silver swaddler
Made from a polyester foil, the Baldur silver swaddler is aluminized on both sides in an intense vacuumisation process. The swaddler preserves body warmth and prevents a sudden drop in body temperature during the transport of babies or small children.
Baldur silver swaddler roll   25 m x 80 cm    0703001
Baldur swaddler single   1 m x 80 cm    0703002
Idem with hood   1 m x 80 cm    0703003
Thermo Set - Heat Retainer
Patient protection at the accident scene. Protects against wetness, damp, cold and hypothermia. Includes: a SIRIUS rescue sheet, a thermal blanket, plastic ground cover, fleece wrap-around, Safe-Set with vinyl gloves and mask.
Thermo Set    1005085

stoel brancard

Litter / stretcher COMBI

Litter / stretcher combination for transporting persons in supine and sitting position. Dimensions: 110 x 55 x 15 cm (folded), 134 x 55 x50 cm (as chair), 195 x 55 x 20 cm (as stretcher). Weight: 12 kg, max load 150 kg.
Litter/stretcher Combi      0612117

meber sedan evacuatiestoel

MEBER Sedan evacuation chairs

An essential implement to easily carry patients in places like stairs, corridors and lifts where stretchers usually cannot be used. Meber Sedan sedans in two models.
Meber Sedan Maya 650 - the simple variant has two wheels and extra carrying handles that can be adjusted in height and length. The patient quick release straps can be adjusted in lenght.
Meber Sedan Extra 670 - robust and luxurious variant with four wheels and adjustable carry handles. Includes 3 patient straps and storage bag.
Meber Sedan evacuation chair 650      06121080
Meber Sedan evacuation chair 670      0612059

ecape chair evacuatiestoel

escape chair

Escape-Chair evacuation chairs

The Escape-Chair is an indispensable solution for transporting people down the stairs in an emergency i.e: Fire alarm, power failure, bomb alert or lift failure. Advantages: ready for use in seconds, does not block the stairways, makes the evacuation flow and it fits
into every evacuation plan. With the help of the Escape-Chair just one operator can bring a physically-dependent person down the stairs to safety. The Escape-Chair is available in four designs to meet every situation.
The Escape Chair Standard version is provided with a single back support and a stable extending handle.
The Standaard-ALU is simplest model without foam grip on handle, no seat straps and no padded headrest.
At the Standaard-ALU Extra is an additional package with anti-slip lower bracket and handle, padded headrest and extra seat fixation.
The Escape Chair Plus Model has a double ergonomic, curved back support, to make evacuation more comfortable. The standard PLUS model also has a stable extending handle, which is adjustable in length. Anti-slip foam grip on handle and a padded headrest are other features of this model.
The Escape Comfort model has the same features as StandardPLUS plus a foot rest and arm rests, making it ideal for use with the disabled or the elderly in offices or local government buildings, as well as in care centres and nursing homes.
Escape-Chair Standard  102 x 51 x 18 cm, 10 kg  0612051
Escape-Chair Standard ALU  06120510
Escape-Chair Standard ALU + extra package  0612057
Escape-Chair Plus 102 x 51 x 21 cm, 11,2 kg  0612052
Escape-Chair Comfort 102 x 57 x 21 cm, 13,5 kg  0612050
Dust cover for storing Escape-Chairs (heat-resistant)  0612055

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