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First aid on burns, replantation and insect bites
 First Aid Case Burns MT-CD  Fire Blankets
 Burn Select  Replantation kits
 Burnshield burncare  First Aid on insect bites

First Aid Kit Burns

First Aid Case Burns MT-CD orange
The case and contents are specifically designed for burn injuries, Contents: aluderm compresses, aluderm bandage dressings, aluderm cohesive bandage, aluderm special bandages for face, head, arm and leg. Ice packs, sterile water, infusion set, injection set and clothes scissors. Additional space for infusion equipment and replantation bags if required. Size: 40 x 30 x 15 cm.
First Aid Case Burns MT-CD      0301166

Burn Select
Treatment unit for the initial treatment of burn injuries caused by fire, electricity, hot liquids, acids and alkalines. Two in one bag. Size 45 x 35 x 150 mm, in heat reflecting Orion-Reflex-Material. Two separate bags in one with zip openers.
Part 1 with aluderm® dressing materials (e.g. compresses, bandages, cohesive bandages, special bandages for face, head, leg, arm, hand and finger, Siriusrescue sheets). Part 2 with drinking cup and straw, mineral drink, carbon tablets, sterile water, SÖHNGEN Silk tape, clothes scissors, Safe-Set and Air-Vita Bi-Protect.
Burn select      0301037

burnshield hydrogel











easy care burn kit

Burnshield burncare
Burnshield hydrogel burn products provide a non-adherent, sterile dressing/gel for application to burn injuries. The dressings and gels protect against contamination, minimises trauma and are non-toxic, non-irritant and anti-bacterial. Ideal for emergency care on superficial, partial or full thickness burns and scalds. Moistens, soothes and cools the affected area from the moment of application.
Burnshield hydrogel sprays
Hydrogel sprays used for minor burns. It is also suitable for use in abrasions, sunburns and insect bites.
Burnshield gel 50 ml      1005130/
Burnshield gel 125 ml      1005130/1
Burnshield compresses
The dressings are manufactured from an open cell foam saturated in an aqueous tea trea oil gel and are suitable for partial and full thickness burns. This Burnshield dressing is a sterile gel dressing and is designed to cool and protect a burn or other heat stress injury.
Burnshield compress 10 x 10 cm      1005130
Burnshield compress 20 x 20 cm      1005132
Burnshield compress 60 x 40 cm      1005133
Burnshield face mask 20 x 45 cm      1005131

Fire Trauma Blanket
The blanket was developed in conjunction with the Wool Board and the CSIR for the emergency services market. This versatile application is used as protection for rescue workers entering or leaving a fire area.
It can also be used to extinguish flames on a burn victim and, if necessary, be used a large dressing, providing instant pain relief and beginning the healing process while victims are being transported to emergency care units. The flexible shoulder barrel-bag allows for hands free portability and storage.

Burnshield blanket 120 x 160 cm      1005134
Burnshield blanket 160 x 245 cm    1005135
EasyCare Burn Kit
Ideal for the home, this Easy Care Burnshield® first aid kit comes in a durable blue box and has a range of dressings and first aid products for minor burns and scalds. Contents: 3x Burnshield® Burn Blott 3.5ml, 2x Burnshield® dressings 10 x 10cm, 1x Burnshield® dressings 20 x 20cm, 2x Conforming bandages, 1x Easy tear tape, 1x Gloves, 3x Plasters (3 strips)and 1x Scissors. Size: 22 x 13 x 6.5 cm.
EasyCare Burn Kit


Fire Blankets
Heka Fire Blankets
Fire blanket comes wrapped in a plastic casing. Non-sterile.
Fire Blankets 120 x 120 cm      3030027
Fire Blankets 180 x 120 cm      3030029
Fire Blankets 180 x 180 cm      3030026

Eerste Hulp bij afgerukte lichaamsdelen

SN-CD Replantation Emergency Case
Secure protection, treatment and transport of severed body parts. Contents include sterile replantation bags for hands, arms and legs, special compression bandages, aluderm®dressing sheets, 4 immediate ice packs, aluderm® compresses, Safe Set with mask and gloves, rubber tourniquet, instrument bag with First-Aid clothes scissors, scalpel and pean-clamp. Size 310 x 210 x 130 mm.
Replantantation Emergency Case      0301061
Replantation Emergency Sets
Ready-to-use emergency set for the safe, hygienic and secure transport of severed body parts after an accident. The sets consist of a sterilized double lined bag with a laced closure facility, an isolation foil and a number of immediate ice packs.
Replantation set hand      0101110
Replantation set arm      0101111
Replantation set leg      0101112

deet 50%

deet 40%

deet 30%







teken tangen

First Aid on insects bites

Care Plus Anti Insect DEET
Care Plus® Anti-Insect DEET is the strongest insect-repellent product for the skin. DEET is most effective against (malaria) mosquitoes and horseflies, effective against ticks, and reasonably effective against large horseflies, gnats and midges.
It is important that the consumer understands that these Anti-Insect products must be applied on all exposed skin.
DEET is suitable for tropical destinations with a high risk of malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever. Moreover, DEET is also advisable in European regions (including city trips).
DEET products comes as lotion 50% (50 ml - works 10 hours), as spray (8 to 200 ml - works 8 hours) and as gel (20-80ml, works 5,5 hours).

Care Plus DEET 50% lotion, 50 ml      1013013
Care Plus DEET 40% spray, 200 ml      1013011
Care Plus DEET 40% spray, 60 ml      1013012
Care Plus DEET 40% mini spray, 8 ml      1013014
Care Plus DEET 30% gel, 80 ml      1013015
Care Plus DEET 30% gel, 20 ml      1013015
Care Plus Bite gel
This gel is specially developed to soften and calm the skin after insect bites (for example, mosquitoes, wasps and horseflies, but also jellyfish and nettles). The special formula relieves itching and soothes the skin. This gel contains ammonia as main ingredient, which has been proven to have a soothing action
Care Plus After Bite gel, 25 ml      1013010
Aspivenin is a mini-pump which sucks out venom in the case of toxic bites and stings.
Aspivenin kit complete      1012990
Aspevenin suction cups      1012991
Azaron stick
Treatment for itching and pain caused by stabbing insects (mosquitoes, wasps, bees, ants, etc.) and contact with jellyfish. Azaron has a local anesthetic for pain and itching.
Azoron stick      1012600
After Bite ® helps each stitch, prick or "bite" of wasps, mosquitoes, bees, hornets, jellyfish, nettles, ants and ticks. Leaves no stains.
Afterbite 14 ml
Prikweg (Prrikweg) is a homeopathic remedy that is used for insect bites and jellyfish stings..
Prikweg 30 gr      10126000
Nestosyl, in the familiar orange with blue box / small tube, is very suitable for insect bites, but has a much wider application.
Nestosyl contains Pramocaine that local itching and pain-relieving works and gives a cooling effect.
Furthermore Nestosyl heals itching in winter hands and feet mosquito bites and jellyfish burns blisters cuts abrasions.
Nestosyl tube - 30 gr.      10126280
Tick removers
Remove tick safe with our tweezers.
The tweezers from O'TOM are made of strong plastic, in two sizes specifically for removing ticks, both in humans and pets. Contents: 1 large and 1 small hook, Furthermore, we have simple tick removers made of metal and plastic.
O'Tom Tick Twister      2009007
Tick remover plastic      2009009
Tick remover metal      2009008

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