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 Sphygmomanometers  Heine otoscopes
 Stethoscopes  Glucose analysis
 Spirometer PC  Thermometers
 Pulse rate counter  Scales and rulers
 Diagnostic lights  Reflex hammers


Aneroid sphygmomanometer for easy one hand operation. Diaphragm in a copper-beryllium- membrane. No stop pin. Easy to read aluminium chromic scale Ø 65 mm to 300 mm/Hg. Maximum mistake tolerance of ± 3 mm/Hg. Stainless steel handle. Calibrated nylon velcro cuff. In a vinyl zippered carrying case.
Sphygmomanometer adult    0107021
Sphygmomanometer child    0107022
Sphygmomanometer infant    0107024
Velcro cuff adult, 1 tube    0107042
Velcro cuff adult, extra large    0107032
Velcro cuff child, 1 tube    01070431
Velcro cuff infant, 1 tube  0107041


Digital Sphygmomanometer OMRON M6
Fully automatic device for measurement at the upper arm with a wide range of equipment.
Suitable for home as well as clinical use. With Intelli Sense technology it intelligently chooses inflatable cuffs according to the current blood pressure. Easy operation. Easy reading of measured data. High resistance against arrhythmias (4 pulses). A sensor of movement during measuring. An indicator of irregular heart action. A big
display. Memory for 90 measured values, including date and time. Average blood pressure from the last 3 values. A travel case included. It operates on 4 AA batteries (included) or external adapter. Clinically proven accuracy. The device already includes the universal cuff
(arm perimeter 22 - 42 cm).
Digital Sphygmomanometer Omron M6    0107035
Omron cuff 22-32 cm (norm) with tube  01070341
Omron manchet 32-42 cm (XL) with tube  01070342
Omron external light adapter DN6  01070351




Littmann Classic stethoscopes
Featuring a two-sided chest piece, the Littmann Classic Stethoscopes offers high acoustic sensitivity. A tunable diaphragm on one side augments the traditional bell function of the opposite side. Traditional bell combined with tunable diaphragm technology allows you to conveniently alternate between low-and high-frequency sounds without turning over the chestpiece. Excellent acoustic seal and comfortable fit with patented Littmann soft-sealing ear tips. Comfortably angled, anatomically correct headset. Patient-friendly, nonchill rim and diaphragm.
Littmann Classic II    0107019
Littmann Classic II Paediastric    0107018
Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope
Outstanding acoustic performance and exceptional versatility characterize the Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope. The innovative design offers a tunable diaphragm on each side of the chestpiece. The large side can be used for adult patients, while the small side is especially useful for pediatric or thin patients. Five-year warranty.
Littmann Cardiology III    0107017
Simple but outstanding stethoscopes.
Stethoscope single head nurse    0107011
Stethoscope double head    0107013
Rappaport stethoscope (double tubes)    0107015

Spirometer PC Spiro
A PC spirometer is a device that connects to the PC measuring lung function. The computer program provides an optimal layout for printing on A4 paper. Built-in database, which you can access quickly.
On the screen you can compare previous recordings. Export, import and send routes over the internet. The device is connected to USB port of your computer. No battery needed! It is hygienic: the cardboard mouthpieces are disposable. Compaction and handy design: 12 * 4 * 6 cm.
Spirometer PC 0107SPIRO1


Pulse rate counters
Metal pulse rate counter, Classic model with eye and clip.
Available with 1/4 minute and 1/2 minute.

Pulse rate counter, 1/4 min. with clip  0107019
Pulse rate counter, 1/2 min. with clip  0107018
Diagnostic Lights
Adlite disposable diagnostic light, pen shaped and with clip. Reusable diagnostic light need penlight batteries.
Adlite diagnostic light disposable  0106035
Diagnostic light reusable  0106036

heine otoscoop

Heine BETA 200 FO Otoscope
Solid, all-metal construction. Distal Fiber Optic (F.O.) illumination with
XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Large diameter viewing-window with 3x magnification. The swivel window features an airtight seal. With battery (2,5V) or rechargeble handle (3,5V). The battery handle does not include batteries, the rechargeable handle includes a battery life of 5 to 8 years.
Beta 200 FO Otoscope recharble 3,5 V / 4 tips  0106101
Beta 200 FO battery handle 2,5 V    0106095
Beta 200 xhl light 2,5 V    0106042
Heine Mini 3000
Modern compact pocket otoscope. Enhanced XHL Xenon Halogen Technology with 100% more light. 3x magnifying loupe. Comes in black soft pouch with 10 disposable tips. Beta tools are better quality than the Mini instruments.
Heine mini 3000    0106093


safe pro


unistik 3

Glucose Analyse

Accu-check Aviva Nano Startset
This starter set includes: 1 Accu-Chek Aviva blood glucose meter with battery, 1 Accu-Check Multiclix finger pricker, 10x Accu-Chek Aviva test strips, lancets Multiclix 12x Accu-Check, storage pouch and instructions.
Accu-chek Aviva Nano starter set    0107113
Accu-chek Aviva plasma test strips 50 pcs.  01071131
Accu-Check Safe-T-Pro Plus
Single-use, thereby preventing cross-contamination. Adjustable to three different penetration depth. Pack contains 200 pieces of sterile lancets.
Accu Check Safe T Pro Plus, 200 pcs    2007104

Vitrex Sterilance Press blood lancets
Vitrex Sterilance Press blood lancets feature an ingenious needle; it pricks under light pressure, safe and painless. One time use, so there is no risk of cross contamination. 21G needle penetration depth 2,8 mm, 100 pcs.

Vitrex Sterilance Press blood lancets 100 pcs.  20071031

Unistik 3 Normal single use lancets
Unistik® 3 safety lancets are safe, simple to use and virtually pain free.  Our unique Comfort Zone Technology masks the weaker pain stimulus from the lancet, providing the user with a more comfortable blood sampling experience while providing adequate blood flow for all testing needs.  23 G needle penetration depth 1,8 mm, 100 pcs.

Unistik 3 Normal  single use lancets 100 pcs.  20071031









Geratherm Classic mercury-free
The only analogue mercury-free thermometer in the world by using the new measuring fluid “Galinstan”. Temperature range: 35.0 °C to 42 °C.
Geratherm classic    2010110
Geratherm Clinic digital thermometer
Clinic thermometer, 100 % waterproof and unbreakable. Temperature range: 32.0 °C to 43.9 °C.
Geratherm Clinic    2010113
Geratherm Plus digital hypothermy thermometer
Very accurate hypothermy thermometer. Temperature range from 28.0°C to 42.9°C.
Geratherm Plus hypothermy    2010114
Braun Ear thermometer
Infra-red ear thermometer gently takes a temperature within a few seconds by measuring the heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue. Temp range: 34ºC to 42.2ºC.
Braun ear thermometer IRT 4520    0107830
Filter tips for IRT 4520 (200 pieces)  0107832
Braun ThermoScan® Pro 4000
The Braun ThermoScan® PRO 4000 is the only electronic ear thermometer with a preheated probe and sensor for reliable temperature readings on patients of all ages. Featuring exclusive ExacTemp™ technology to ensure proper positioning and improved accuracy in three to seven seconds, the new PRO 4000 is one of the fastest thermometers ever developed.
Braun ThermoScan® Pro 4000    0107829


artsenlint / prillint

Scales and rulers

Seca 701
Calibrated electronic personal scale with LCD display and BMI. Capacity: 200 kg. Graduation: 100 g.

Seca 701    6001093

Seca 762
Mechanical floor scale with precision weighing mechanism in a white body with black step. Weighing range: 150 kg. Graduation: 500 g.

Seca 762    6001091
Step-on scale MPD
Gauging step-on scale with fixed read-off unit. Robust steel frame with plastic weighing surface with four sturdy, height-adjustable rubber feet. Digital scale. High accurate. Weighing range: 250 kg. Graduation: 500 g.
Step on scale    6001093
Seca 220 measuring rod 85-200 cm
Telescopic measuring rod for Seca column scales. Range: 85-200 cm. Graduation: 1 mm.
Seca 220 85-200 cm  6001143

Seca 206 measuring rod
Rolls up automatic metal tape measure for wall mounting.
Range 0 - 220. Graduation 1 mm.

Seca 206 meetlat 0-220 cm    2009010
Doctor’s measure roll tape
Doctor’s measure roll tape 1,5 meter.  2009010



Reflex hammers

Buck Reflex Hammer is a compact light reflex hammer. With needle and brush, making it another neurological examination can perform, such as susceptibility testing.
Berliner Reflex Hammer is a traditional reflex hammer made ​​of chromed metal with rubber inlay

Reflex hammer Buck    0107008
Reflex hammer Berliner    0107007

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