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First Aid work stations and rooms
 SAFE add-on cabinets  Instrument trolley
 Examination/Relaxation couches  Waste Disposal Bin and bin liners
 Neck support and crepe paper  Kidney bowls
 Examination swivel chair/stool  Bedpans, urinbals and urine bags
 Arm and legsupport  Incontinence pads and spatula
 Washing bowls  Wasclothes
 Bed side screens  Selfcare medications
 Infusion stand  





First Aid station with SAFE system cabinets
Almeva have developed a range of products suitable for the professional equipping of company First Aid work stations and rooms.
Containing a broad and varied selection of products such as stretcher and bandage cabinets, emergency medical products and examination tables, the Almeva range offers a partial or complete system for the equipping of your companies First-Aid station or room.
The add-on cabinet construction elements have the following specifications: dimensions 112 x 49 x 20 cm. Metal plate. Electrostatic coated. Impact-and scratch-free. Polyethylene coated, grease and oil resistant. Available in orange, white and green. The cabinet has a safety lock, an additional key for an emergency behind glass in the middle of the door. With inscription and icons.

SAFE add-on First Aid Stretcher Cabinet

The Add-on SAFE Stretcher Cabinet includes one two-folding stretcher, a to take away First Aid kit with standard basic filling, an Orion Reflex rescue blanket, a flashlight with color filters.

SAFE First Aid Stretcher cabinet orange    05010510
SAFE add-on First Aid Bandages Cabinet
Contents: Complete filling range of modern innovative bandages that do not stick to the wound, Pneumat 4-Chamber Splints for arms and legs, and AQUA NIT® immediate eye wash and disinfectant agent.
SAFE First Aid Bandages cabinet orange    0501053
SAFE add-on First Aid Disposables Cabinet
Contents: Equipment for people working in the health care profession. With disposable bed linen, disposable protection clothing, kidney bowls, sick bags, urine bottles, vinyl gloves, cleaning, washing and disinfecting agents.
SAFE First Aid Disposables Cabinet orange    0501052



Examination/Relaxation Couches
Lounge measurements 200 x 70 cm with a 6 cm polyfoam structure. Finished in a high quality, easy to clean, black leatherette cover. High capacity, formaldehyde free, carrier plate (15 mm) with in-built aeration inlets. Examination couch 650 mm height. Relaxation couch, 500 mm height. Standard adjustable head rest. Also available with adjustable bedding section. A roller for crepe paper is structurally integrated.

Examination/Relaxation Couches - steel
Made of tubular steel and finished in a white electrostatic coating. They are equipped with folding legs.
Relaxation couch headend adjustable    6001124
Relaxation couch headend+bedding sect. adjustable  6001127
Examination couch headend adjustable    6001018
Examination couch headend+bedding sect. adjustable  6001035
Examination/Relaxation Couches - aluminium
Made from anodized aluminium tubing. Designed with square and angular profiles, for extra strong or heavy loads. They are equipped with folding legs and are non-rusting.
Relaxation couch headend adjustable    6001123
Relaxation couch headend+bedding sect. adjustable  6001126
Examination couch headend adjustable    6001017
Examination couch headend+bedding sect. adjustable  6001034

Foldable Examination - Relaxation Couches
The foldable Couch has been equipped with an uncomplicated mechanism that enables space-saving and secure storage, even in small rooms. Complete with wall brackets.
Foldable Relaxation couch - 50 cm
Foldable relaxation couch headend adjustable  6001224
Foldable r elaxation couch headend+bed sect. adjust.  6001227

Foldable Examiniation couch - 65 cm

Foldable examination couch headend adjustable  6001218
Fold. examination couch headend+bed sect. adjust.  6001235

Neck Support
Half-roll style, foam block with leather.
Neksteun beige of zwart    6001501
Crepe Paper
For use on examination couches. Two layers.
Crepe paper 150x40 cm    60011255
Crepe paper 150x59 cm    60011251


Swivel Chair with roll feet for examninations
Aluminium frame, chromed. Base in star style with 5 protruding elements and wheels. Height adjustable between 43-54 cm. Seat, back, head and arm rests are upholstered with leather. Head support adjustable to suit patients height and position.
Swivel chair, with roll feet    6001050
Swivel Stool with roll feet
Black lacquered frame, upholstered seat Ø 370 mm. Base in star style with 5 protruding elements. Movement by roller feet. Height adjustable between 45 - 58 cm.
Swivel Stool, with roller feet      6001064

Arm and Leg Support
Chromic frame adjustable between 50 and 75 cm. Polyform arm rest with leather covering - adjustable according to the required position. Star style base with 5 protruding elements to provide stability.
Arm and leg support      0601029
Wash Bowl Stand
Adjustable height to 80 cm. Chrome frame with two chrome nickel wash bowls - both bowls have a volumetric capacity of 6 Litres. Cross base with 5 protruding elements to provide stability. Roll-feet Ø 50 mm. The stand can be purchased with 1 or 2 wash bowls.
Wash Bowl stand 2 bowls    0601008
Wash Bowl stand 1 bowl    0601040



Bed side screens
Tubular steel construction, laminated white finishing. Screen PVC white and non-transparent. Openings with velcro fasteners so that the screen can be quickly removed, cleaned and prepared for use again.
- bed screen 1 part ( 185 cm hoog en 95 cm breed)
- bed screen 3 parts (180 cm high, 204 cm wide, mobile)
Bed screen, 1 part 185cm high, 95 cm wide  0601010
Bed screen 3-parts 180 cm high, 204 cm wide, mobile  0601011
I.V. Stand
Adjustable height between 110 and 200 cm. Tubular construction with stylish chrome finish. Four hooks for infusion bottles. Cross style base with 5 protruding elements for additional stability. Five roller feet.
Infusion stand - 5 roller feet    0601039

Instrument Trolley
Measurements 64 x 47,5 x 87 cm. Colour white. Rectangle shaped tubular frame with two plastic coated table shelves. Drawer for instruments, complete with 4 roller feet.
Instrument trolleyl      6001096
Waste Disposal Bin
Sheet metal construction with white lacquered finishing. Solid opening/closing of lid with depression of foot pedal. Uses standard size pedal bin liners.
Waste Disposal Bin 25 liter    6001009
Pedal bin liners
Pedal bin liners paper, 1000    10100510
Pedal bin liners, plastic, 10 pieces    1010051

nierbekken, ondersteek en urinaal

urinezakjes en potjes


Kidney bowls

Kidney bowls stainless steel      2010202
Kidney bowls plastic white      2010201
Kidney bowls disposable 300 pieces      20102030
Bed pan and urinals
Bed pan stainless steal + lid      2010234
Bed pan plastic + lid      2010233
Urinal plastic  male      2010251
Urinal plastic  female      2010261

Urine drainage bags

Urine drainage bags with drain port 1500ml  2010270
Urine drainage bags without drain port 1500ml  2010271
Urine bottle + lid (100 pieces)      2010262
Urine / vomit bags
TravelJohn is a unisex disposable urine bag specially designed for every occasion, when no toilet is available. Travel John is filled with absorbent granules; liquid change after contact in gel. Capacity 800 ml.
Convenience bag: clear, graduated bags for vomit and urine disposal. Extra wide, rigid collar allows easy use for women as well as men and children
TravelJohn urine bag      2010264
Convenience bag (vomit/urine bag)  10010050


Incontinence pads, disposable
Disposable pads designed to protect. surfaces against leakage in chairs, wheelchairs, beds and mattresses.
Incontinence pad 40 x 60 cm      1007021
Incontinence pad 60 x 60 cm      1007020
Incontinence pad 60 x 90 cm      1007019
Mouth spatula, plastic, 10 pcs.      1010181
Tongue spatula, wood, 15 cm 100 pieces  1010208
Tissues, box of 100      1010040
Razor blades
Razor blades, one side, 100 pieces  2007013

waschmitt washandje

vala clean

Wet washcloths
Nursing washclothwithout water. The damp washcloths contain chamomile extract. The washcloths are anti-allergenic, fragrance free and pH neutral.
Wet washcloths - 8 pieces  6010004
Disposable washcloth
Non-woven washing gloves, absorben 600%, white-blue
Washcloths non-woven- 100 pieces  6010002
ValaClean disposable washcloths
Disposable washing gloves and wipes available in various presentations and qualities; particularly soft and absorbent, tear-resistant and non-abrasive even when wet. V
ValaClean, 50 pieces      6010003





Self Care Medications and supplements

Aspirine 500 mg, 20 tablets    1012607  
Cinnarizine 10 tablets 25mg    1012624  
Dextro Energie 14 tablets    10125920  
20 tablets
Ibuprofen 400 mg tablets otc gf    1012621  
Norit 50 tablets 125 mg    1012602  
Pactolan 50 tablets    10126160  
Paracetamol 500 mg 40 tablets    1012604  
Paracetamol child 100 mg /sinas 20 pieces    1012593  
Primatour 10 tablets    1012611  
Rennies in strip 24 tablets    1012616  
Saridon 20 tablets    1012603  
Strepsils citron/honey    10126140  
Vitamine K olie neonats, 10 ml    1012553   
Medicine cups 15 ml    2010400  

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