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 VTI-Futur vacuum mattresses  Ferno KED model 125
 Meber/RedVac vacuum mattresses   Iron Duck IDEA Extrcation Apparatus
 Vacusplint vacuum splints  Faretec traction splint
 Pneuplast splint set 5 pieces  SAM Splint and SAM Sling
 RedVac vacuum splints  AMBU Extrication Collars
 Ferno AS vacuum splints  Stiffneck Extrication Collars
 MDI Immobile-VAC vacuum splints  Sand bags
 Oregon Spine Splint

vti futur




the snake



Vacuum mattress

Perfect and absolute immobilisation for the traumatised patient. The combination of the evenly dispersed inner granulate and the highly flexible outer layer ensure that the mattress moulds perfectly to the patients body, thus maximising immobilisation effects.
VTI FUTUR vacuum mattresses - available with removable handles, loose. With unique open / close valve.
VTi Futur wide:
200 x 70 x 15 cm, 5.1 kg, 10 loops for handles, 8 included.
VTI Futur slim:
200 x 60 x 10 cm. 3.7 kg, 6 loops for handles, not included.
VTI-System Part mattress: 2 sizes for children or babies.
VTI-Futur vacuum mattress wide    0603001
VTI-Futur vacuum mattress slim    0603008
Handles, VIT-futur, single    0603045
VTI-futur part mattress 1 100 x 60 x 10 cm  0603014
VTI-futur part mattress 2  65 x 60 x 10 cm  0603015
VTI-Futur hygienic sheet    0603013
VTI-Manual Air Pump metal    0603011
Meber vacuum mattress “The Snake’
Vacuum mattress with 14 independent chambers for an excellent and fast immobilisation. Extremely light and sturdy, 8 ergonomics handles, restraining belts and a perfect patient encirclement, give to the mattress unique solutions. A unmatchable vacuum durability without any deflection, the EN1865 certificate, according to the european harmonized safety standards, complete the features of this device.
Size: 210 cm x 100 cm. Weight: 8 kg.
Meber vacuum mattress “The Snake”    0603890
Redvac vacuum mattress
Quality vacuum mattress that has proven itself in many rescue operations in the Alps. Multi-chamber system. 24 holes for handles and straps patient. Made of durable PU material, free of PVC and latex. It allows X-ray, CT and MRI through. In accordance with the EU standard EN-1865. Dimensions: base 50 cm, waist 88 cm, 40 cm head. Total length 200 cm. Supplied with handles..
Red-Vac vacuum mattress VM01    0603060














Vacuum splints
Vacuum splints are designed for the safe and secure immobilisation of hand, arm, leg and foot fractures.

VacuSplint Vacuum splints(4-chamber system)
Arm and leg splints are anatomically designed with velcro closure facility and on-off valve. The arm splint can also be used to treat childrens leg injuries, as well as lower leg and foot injuries for adults. The leg splint for adults is designed so that it can be used as a baby vacuum mattress.
VacuSplint - Arm adult    0603024
VacuSplint - Arm child    0603030
VacuSplint - Leg adult    0603025
VacuSplint - Leg Child    0603031
VacuSplint - Infusion splint    0603032
Vacuum splint S60 straight 60 cm    0603036
Vacuum splint S80 straight 80 cm    0603037
Vacuum splint S120 straight 120 cm    0603038
Pneuplast 5 piece splint set
Sturdy, made from double layered PVC components. Colour orange. Temperature and tear resistant. Textile zipper with coarsely dented synthetic material, with a control valve. The four air chambers operate simultaneously. X-ray translucent. For safe and secure splinting of fractures. 5-piece set: Arm splint, leg splint, cushion bag, half arm splint and half leg splint. Arm Splint Sizes for adults and children, both anatomically designed. Leg Splint Sizes for adults and children, both with laced sole. The shoe may remain at the foot, splints are also to be
used for heavy footwear.
Pneuplast 5 piece splint set PVC    0604010
RedVac vacuum splints
The quality of vacuum splints RedVac from Austria are legendary. Multi-chamber system for secure and rapid application. The valve closes automatically when the extraction is complete. The belts are free to post. Made of durable and skin friendly PU material (PVC and latex-free). It allows X-ray, CT and MRI through.
RedVac vacuum leg splint VL21    0603063
RedVac vacuum arm splint VL14    0603062
Ferno AS vacuum splints
Fast, effective, and versatile Ferno Vacuum Splints provide the best possible support with the least amount of effort. Each splint is constructed of durable, vinyl-coated nylon that is supple enough to be molded around an injured extremity, yet tough enough to withstand repeated daily use. Easy to clean and maintain. Ideal for dislocated shoulders, suspected fractures of arms, legs, and joints or infant immobilization.
Ferno AS 100 arm child    0603040
Ferno AS 120 arm adult    0603042
Ferno AS 140 leg adult    0603044
Ferno AS 160 air pump    0603043
MDI Immobile-VAC vacuum splint
A range of quality cost effective extremity splints. Rugged, and well suiting for unconventional environments, the IMMOBILE-VAC™
line is the choice for remote medical providers as well as high-use urban EMS. It is X-Ray, CT and MRI Compatible, 24 Hour Vacuum Guarantee and 3 Year Warranty.
MDI Immobile-VAC vacuum splint leg    0603055
MDI Immobile-VAC vacuum splint arm    0603056
MDI air pump    0603057

Spine Splints

Oregon Spine Splint II
Ideal for immobilizing and extricating patients from auto accidents or confined spaces. When properly used the OSS II provides for safe removal of patients from injury sights without doing further damage to the spine. The unique criss-crossing shoulder strap design provides superior immobilization without restricting breathing and, for clavicle fractures, can be reconfigured to retract and immobilize the shoulders.
Oregon Spine Splint II - orange    0606378
Oregon Spine Splint II - green    0606378/
Oregon Spine Splint II - storage bag    06063800
Ferno KED model 125
The Ferno KED (Kendrick Extrication Device) meets the highest standards of trauma care to immobilize people seated and they then secure a seat. The straps have color coding makes it easy to apply. The straps have color coding makes it easy to apply.
Ferno KED    0606380
Fixation straps for KED    0606381
Neck roll for KED    0606382
Iron Duck I.D.E.A. Extrication Apparatus
The Iron Duck Extrication Apparatus may be used for both extrication and fracture management. Also designed to be used as a papoose for small children or as a restraint in behavioral emergencies. Body and leg straps color coded for instant identification.
Iron Duck Extrication Apparatus    0606377



Faretec® QD-4 leg traction splint adult/child
This is the smallest, most powerful leg traction splint on the market today. Construction is Carbon Fiber and Glass Filled Nylon End fittings. Very strong and light. 4:1 adjustment system generates significant traction. All up weight is 1 pound, including all straps and carry case. Splint length adjustment made by adding or subtracting poles and securing with Ischial End cap.
Faretec QD-4 traction splint    0604201
SAM® Splint
The SAM®Splint is a flexible 11 x 93 cm sandwich of soft aluminium and closed cell polyethylene foam that, when folded in specific ways, creates a rigid yet comfortable structure that can be used to support and immobilize injuries and fractures of the extremities and neck. With many uses in addition to its primary use as a splint, it has truly become a mainstay of the emergency medical field. The SAM®Splint can be rolled up easily to the size of an “ACE” wrap and with proper care and cleaning, can be used over and over again.
SAM Splint    0606345
SAM Sling
The SAM SLING™ effectively reduces and stabilizes unstable pelvic fractures. It can be quickly and safely applied on the scene, before transport or in an emergency department.
SAM Sling standard (81-127cm)    0606346
SAM Sling Small (69-119 cm)    0606347
SAM Sling (91- 152 cm)    0606348




Cervical collars

Ambu Perfit and Mini Ace

The Ambu Perfit has 16 precise settings fit within the range of 4 standard adult settings. The Mini Ace has 12 settings within the three standard Perfit ACE sizes (infant, pediatric and neckless).
Ambu Perfit Ace    281000
Ambu Mini Ace    281006
Laerdal Stifneck® Extrication Collars
Utilizes the finger sizing method and color coding system to provide optimal sizing. Two pediatric and four adult collars cover the entire patient population
Stiffneck Baby No-Neck pink    980100
Stiffneck Pediatric licht blue    980200
Stiffneck No-Neck adult purple    980300
Stiffneck Short blue    980400
Stiffneck Regular oragje    980500
Stiffneck Tall green    980600
Stiffneck bag for set of 6    980700
Stiffneck Padpad    982100
Stiffneck Headbed    982000

Stifneck Select Extrication Collars
The quickest and easiest-to-use adjustable collar on the market. All you have to do is measure the patient, select the size, adjust and lock!

Stiffneck Select adult (4 adult sizes in 1)    980010
Stiffneck Select Pediatric (3 pediatric sizes in 1)  980020


Sand bags
Sand bags provide the variety necessary for proper immobilization of organs or other parts of the body during x-ray procedures, transport etc. The bags are made of washable skai.

Sand bag 1 kg    3040010
Sand bag 2 kg    3040011
Sand bag 3 kg    3040012
Sand bag 4,5 kg    3040013

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