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  Almeva BV
  Kabelstraat 10
  1322 AD ALMERE
  Tel: +31 (0)36 533 52 60
  Fax: +31 (0)36 532 28 67
  E-mail: info@almeva.nl
  KvK: 310-48109
  Sale managers:
  Martin Schrijver
  Ruben Hoogenberg

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 Scissors  Safety Boy rescue scissors
 Forceps  First Aid scissors
 Swann Morton surgical blades  Acupuncture instruments
 Single use scalpels  Obstetrical instruments
 Eye magnets  Other instruments

Hand made top quality stainless steel according DIN-rules. Each tested for OP and sterilized.
Lister bandage scissors 14 cm - bent    2001003
Lister bandage scissors 18 cm - bent    2001005
Surgical scissors 18 cm sharp/blunt    2001009
Surgical scissors 14 cm blunt/blunt    2001007
Surgical scissors 14 cm blunt/sharp    2001006
Surgical scissors 14 cm sharp/sharp    2001004
Dissecting Forceps
Hand made top quality stainless steel according DIN-rules. Each tested for OP and central sterilized
Forceps 14 cm - anatomic    2002014
Forceps 11 cm - anatomic    20020140
Forceps 14 cm - surgical    2002003
Forceps 11 cm - surgical    20020030
Fine forceps 14 cm - straight    2002010
Feilchenfeld forceps 8 cm    2002005
Feilchenfeld forceps 11 cm    2002004




Swann Morton Surgical Blades
Single scalpel blades, each sterile wrapped in aluminum foil. Fit scalpel handles.
SM handle #3 for blades 10-15  2007003
SM handle #3 for blades 15-126      2007017
Swann Morton blade #10 100 pcs.      2007008
Swann Morton blade #11 100 pcs.      2007009
Swann Morton blade #15 100 pcs.      2007014
Swann Morton blade #22 100 pcs.      2007010
Swann Morton blade #23 100 pcs.      2007004
Swann Morton blade #24 100 pcs.      2007005
Swann Morton blade #26 100 pcs.      2007007
ask for more blade shapes and handles
Single use scalpel
Plastic handle, stainless steel, sterile packed.
Scalpel blade #10      2007002
Scalpel blade #12      2007000
Scalpel blade #15      2007001
Shaving blades
Shaving blades   100 pcs  2007013
Eye Magnets
Eye Magnet      2004041
Eye Magnet with magnigfier      2004042



Safety Rescue Scissors ROBIN and Almeva
The rescue scissors can be used to cut open a safety belt, to break out through a car window or cut open the clothes of the accident victim. It can also cut through the most difficult of materials i.e. boots and motorcyle clothing. Extremely strong with advanced cutting properties, the rescue scissors should always be on hand and can be easily stored in any vehicle.
Robin Safety Boy original      30010022
Robin Safety Boy Almeva    3001002
First Aid scissors
Curved, corrosion resistant, handle in plastic sheath.
First Aid scissors 14 cm      2001008
First Aid scissors 18 cm      20010083





Pointer Plus Acupuncture Point Localisator
Using the Pointer Plus you can accurately and easily locate acupuncture points and treat it immediately. Pointer Plus comes in a storage case, battery, earth pole and manual.
Pointer Plus Acupuncture Point Localisator  30010022
Seirin acupuncture needle - type J
Seirin delivers safe and painless acupuncture needles for single use. Type J needles (formerly type C) are supplied with a guide tube.
The wafer-thin needles are made ​​of stainless steel. Each needle has its own color, depending on thickness and length. Single sterile packed in a box of 100 pieces.
Seirin Type J 0,14 x 15 mm green /100 pcs.  2009301
Seirin Type J 0,16 x 15 mm red / 100 pcs.  2009303
Seirin Type J 0,20 x 30 mm blue / 100 pcs.  2009304
Seirin Type J 0,25 x 30 mm violet / 100 pcs.  20093020
Seirin Type J 0,25 x 40 mm violet / 100 pcs.  2009307
Seirin Type J 0,30 x 50 mm brown / 100 pcs.  2009306


Obstetrical instruments

O.B. kit
Everything you need to conduct an emergency prehospital delivery. Contents: 1 Large Overdrape (70x 90), Catheter container 800ml, 7 gauze compresses, 1 umbilical cord scissors, 1 bulb syringe 25 ml CH10, 2 umbilical clamps, 2 umbilical ties, leukosilk, 1 pair of gloves, thermo blanket (120x 210 cm) and an OB underpad (50x70 cm).

O.B. kit      0106023
Umbilical Cord Scissors Cooper 14 cm    2001027
Umbilical cord ties      2001030
Umbilical clamps      2001031
Bulb syringe infant CH10      01040071
Bulb syringe infant CH14      0104007
Broselow Resuscitation Tape /PRIL-lint
The tape supplies you with all the medical information on the correct choice of medication, tubes, needles, respiratory masks, laryngoscopes etc. For babies and children.
Broselow Resuscitation Tape /PRIL-lint  2010160


Other instruments

Magill forceps 16 cm (infants)      2004028
Magill forceps 20 cm (children)      2004029
Magill forceps 24 cm (adults)      2004030
Nail clippers stainless steel (large)      2001003
Splinter forceps, 14 cm, RVS      2002001
Ring cutters
In case of injury to the finger wearing the ring, the first action to take is removing the ring before swelling occurs. Our ring cutters do this job well. Two versions: one with a single handle (cut 2 cm) and an extra strong with double handle (blade 3 cm).
Ring Cutting Forceps, single handle      2004040
Ring Cutting Forceps, double handle (extra strong)  2004037

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