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Training manikins
 Life/form Adult/Infant Crisis Manikin  Oefenpoppen van Ambu
 Simulaids PDA/STAT Manikin  Laerdal oefenpoppen
  Geri/Keri nursing care maninkins  

life form









crisis infant

Life/form en Simulaids training manikins

Life/form Adult CRiSis Manikin
The Crisis Manikins Adult Life / form is a complete resuscitation system with five features that different scenarios can be trained. The dolls in this series each consist of a full body CPR manikin, an IV arm, a blood pressure arm, chest defibrillator skin and they have an Airway Larry Airway Management Head. Perfect for ambulance staff, nurses and paramedics at every level. The parts are modular and available separately. The basic version, as described above, can be extended with a DeLuxe version with an arrhythmia patient simulator which simulate 17 adult and 17 child's heart rhythms. With an external pacer, you can simulate electric shock. The cardio version can simulate manual, semi-automatic and automatic defibrillation.
Life/form Adult CRiSis Manikin    LF03953
Life/form Adult CRiSis Manikin DeLuxe    LF03955

Life/form Infant CRiSis Manikin
This state-of-the art manikin is designed to train people individually and in groups in lifesaving techniques on children and newborns. The components are available for composing your own manikins or to upgrade an existing one. This manikin is especially ideal for the training of ambulance staff, nurses and paramedics at every level. Infusion therapy, umbilical catheterization, airway management, intraosseöuse infusion and CPR manikin all in one! The skin and umbilical hose are realistic. Moisture can be removed through the umbilical cord. The IV Arm and leg make realistic practice of pediatric vein puncture possible. This version comes complete with a four-channel ECG monitor.

Life/form Infant Crisis Manikin    LF03709















Simulaids STAT and PDA STAT Manikins
STAT and PDA STAT Manikins are Simulates Aids new generation of lifelike modular upgradeable patient simulators. The 1.78 meter long body is a real-life "patient". The human anatomy is the same, and the movements of the joints are almost human. The movements of the chest imitate lifelike respirations. Blood pressure variations can be felt. Pulse at all points STAT Manikin has the same capabilities as the PDA STAT, but without the extra electronics scenarios.

Simulaids STAT manikin
The STAT Simulator brings you a full range of skills to practice on a life-size manikin. Standard ALS components of ECG rhythm recognition and defibrillation, airway maintenance, IV arm, and CPR features are augmented with this list of features:
• Automatic cardioversion upon defibrillation
• 17 rhythms
• Pacing
• Upper teeth break out with laryngoscope pressure
• Tongue edema and laryngospasm
• Cricothyrotomy
• Combitube®, L.M.A., L.T., O.P.A., N.P.A., and E.T. devices work
• Bilateral chest decompression sites
• Bilateral chest tube insertion sites
• 12 pulse points with three zones used to demonstrate BP loss
• Venus access from dorsal hand to upper arm with all major veins
• Practice sharps control, sterile technique, securing, phlebotomy.
STAT Manikin comes assembled (except knee joints) in its own hard carry case with wheels. STAT Manikin can be upgraded to the PDA STAT.

Simulaids STAT Manikin    SB33723
Simulaids PDA STAT Manikin
Take your ALS training into your students’ environment in order to evaluate their knowledge, skill levels, and critical thinking abilities utilizing the applications in a Palm O/S patient simulator. This complete training unit includes PDA STAT manikin, PDA, USB cable, blood pressure cuff, programming, hard carry case, sweat suit, and a supply of replacement parts. This manikin can function in the lab for teaching and in the field for ascertaining diagnostic ability. Student performance records can be transferred to your PC for printout and review of chronological scenario event logs. Use it to challenge your students or
determine if you have accomplished your teaching objectives. Optional trauma treatment with casualty simulation. Also order training cables to match your monitor/defibrillator to eliminate the use of hands-free pads. Challenge your students with skill proficiency, knowledge demonstration, and critical thinking skills as you put them through belligerent crowds, anxious family members, dangerous environments, and any other true scenario training exercises imaginable with this full-featured patient simulator. PDA STAT Features Include:
• Pulse Points
• Bilateral Chest Decompression & Tube Insertion
• Virtual Capnography and Oximetry Printable Chronological Reports
• Start up library includes samples
• Print out for convenience
Replacement parts included: 10 neck skins, 6 pneumothorax pads, IV vein kit and 4 IM injection pads.
Simulaids PDA STAT    SB36923


Life/form Geri/Keri nursing care manikins

Geri manikin is an elderly manikin that resembles a geriatric patient. Geri The model is therefore ideal for training of all nursing and medical skills with the elderly. Geri The model is visually very realistic and shows a striking resemblance to an older skin including wrinkles and folds. The limbs and joints of Geri allow a realistic maximum range of motion and positioning. The normal appearance of the manikin is female, however, after removal of the wig and the addition of the male genitaliamay male catheterization and prostate examination place can be done.
The Keri model is age-neutral and has all the features of the Geri model. Here again, male genitalia can be attached for a male role.
With Geri / Keri-nursing care models more than 35 patient care skills can be trained, including: finger/toe wound care, bed washing, dressing, combing hair, teeth removal (top and bottom) clean inner ears, placing hearing aid, urinary catheterization women and men (uncircumcised), enema administration (female), prostate examination (man), ostomy care, ileostomy and colstomie rinse and extraction, placement of nasogastrale probes, oral and nasal lavage, tube feeding and extraction, cervical smear, oral hygiene, tracheostomy care - rinse and extraction, four intramuscular injection sites, eye cleaning, patient positioning and transfer techniques. An IV Arm and / or blood pressure arm is an added option.

Geri Complete (older patient)    700LF04001
Keri Complete (all ages)    700LF04020

ambumanbenen armen



ambu baby



anne qcpr

anne qcpr



baby anne

Ambu training manikins

Ambuman I is a CPR training torso an exceptionally lifelike representation of the human anatomy, particularly the characteristics that are important for practicing CPR techniques. The torso has a mechanical monitoring instrument in accordance with NRC guidelines, with realistic 'chin lift' and 'jawtrust'.
Delivered with five face masks, 100 head bags and a carrying case which is also an exercise mat. Optionally arms and legs (pants included) can be ordered.
Uniman+ is an economical CPR torso training for BLS training. The Ambu UniMan + provides a hygienic system that enables you to train with a mouth/nose/face Pieces. Delivered with 25 head bags, one mask and carrying case.
Ambu Baby Manikin corresponds to a real, one year old baby. Teaching BLS with the Baby manikin gives a very lifelike simulation. Supplied with five masks, 100 air bags and a carrying case.
Ambuman I torso    7001102
Ambuman I legs (with pants) for torso    7001106
Ambuman I arms for torso    7001107
Head bags Ambuman toso, 100 piece    7001104
Uniman+    7001099
Ambu Baby Mannikin    7001200
Laerdal training manikins

Resusci Anne with QCPR
The Resusci Anne® with QCPR® is an adult CPR training manikin now improved for multiple feedback options that provide opportunity to focus on student competency. Features: Head tilt/Chin lift, Jaw thrust, Bag-mask ventilation, Orotracheal intubation, Nasotracheal intubation, combitube, LMA, and other airway placement, stomach distention, closed chest compressions.
Includes: Torso Manikin, 3 Decorated Resusci Manikin Faces, 2 Disposable Airways, 2 Extra Compression Springs (Hard and Soft), Semi-Rigid Carry Bag with Integrated Kneel Mat, Jacket, 50 Resusci Manikin Wipes, USB cable (for use with any USB power supply), User Guide. Remember to order feedback device (SimPad) separately - Not included with the CPR manikins.

SimPad Skillreporter for manikins with QCPR
SimPad SkillReporter facilitates real-time feedback, records data and calculates overall performance for thorough training and debrief on CPR performance.

Baby Anne
Product features: Oral and nasal passages allow realistic nose pinch required for mouth-to-nose ventilation, natural obstruction of the airway allows students to learn the important technique of opening the airway, head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust, economical disposable airways for quick and easy clean up and removable and reusable faces for convenient and affordable maintenance.
Baby Anne is shipped with: 1 Manikin, Soft Pack, 6 Airways, 10 Foreign Body Practice Objects, and instructions.

Resusci Anne QCPR, torso, soft case    171-00150
Resusci Anne QCPR, full body, hard case    171-00250
Simpad Skillreporter for QCPR manikins    202-30033
Baby Anne in soft case    L050000

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