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  1322 AD ALMERE
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  Martin Schrijver
  Ruben Hoogenberg

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First Aid Cases
 First Aid Case Multi MT-CD Programma 2000
 First Aid Case San SN-CD Programma 2000
 First Aid Case QUICK-CD Programma 2000
 First Aid Case Workplace Special
 First Aid B-Boxes


quick cd

First Aid Cases Programme 2000 CD

The Programme 2000 CD is a field proven system for First Aid care, be
it mobile or stationary. The programme consists of 3 first-aid case sizes, color orange.
Excellent security facilities: no sharp corners or edges, all parts are rounded and streamlined. They have a wall-bracket with 90° stoparrest system. Guaranteed longevity, durability. High mechanical and tensile solidity. Temperature resistance, splash proof and a high chemical resistance. Rubber sealing hygienically protects the sensitive medical equipment against dust and dirt.
Flexible inner partitioning. Security seals. We offer 5 year guarantee on colour and closing parts i.e. clips, handle and hinges. Tailored printing available.

First Aid case
Multi MT-CD
Size 40 x 30 x 15 cm, including wall bracket. Tailored design and printing available. With basic filling or empty.
Multi MT-CD + basic filling  orange    0301158
Multi MT-CD empty  orange  0301150
First Aid Case San SN-CD
Size 31 x 21 x 13 cm, including wall bracket. Tailored design and printing available. With basic filling or empty.
San SN-CD + basic filling  orange    0301135
San SN-CD empty  orange  0301130
First Aid Case QUICK-CD
Size 260 x 170 x 110 mm. Tailored design and printing available. With basic filling or empty.
Quick-CD + basic filling  oranje    03011250
Quick-CD empty  oranje    0301120





Workplace Specials

Where First Aid is concerned, a building site cannot and should not be compared to an office. The same rational should be applied to all industrial sectors. Almeva has objectively researched the injury types and frequency within several industrial sectors. Our conclusions have lead us to introduce a new line of firstaid cases, with tailored contents based on the most frequent injuries. Each case is then stocked with high quality first-aid products, each carefully selected to satisfy the particular demands of the specific occupation.
Technical Information:
• MT-CD ABSCase. Size: 40 x 30 x 15 cm and Weight: 6 kg
• Flexible inner partitioning, Security seals and Wall brackets
• 90° stop-arrest system enables stationary and mobile use
• Rotary locking system and transparent inner lid covers
• 5-year spare part guarantee

Workplace Specials
  Banking    0360123
  Profesional diving    0361051
  Building site    0360101
  Culture and Meeting    03601120
  Print and Papier    03601150
  Diving    03601051
  Electrical Engineering    03601130
  Power Supply    0360128
  Municipal Services    03700030
  Health Services    0360126
  Glass and Ceramics    0360114
  Treatment of Soils    0360125
  Wholesale and Warehouse    03601270
  Hotel & Gastronomy    0360103
  Carpentry    0360104
  Office    03601100
  Church    0360129
  Child Care    0360136
  Synthetic Industry    0360105
  Laboratory & Chemistry    0360106
  Agriculture & Forestry    0360107
  Mechanical Engineering    0360119
  Media    0360124
  Metal Working    03601080
  Environment    0360117
  Public Services    0360122
  School    0360000
  Social Work    0306131
  Sports Hall    0306133
  Steel Engineering    03601180
  Textile & Fabrics    0360130
  Tourism & Leisure Time    03601020
  Funerals    0360132
  Food Supply    0360109
  Aquatic & Recreation    0360135
  Workplace    03601110
  Science & Research  0360121
  Swimming pools    0360134

First Aid B-Box
Dimensions 26 x 16 x 7 cm. ABS plastic case, color white. The base and lid are made ​​of one piece with corners rounded. The box has a plastic rim and clip closure. Ideally suited for car or truck Supplied empty or with fillings as desired..
First Aid B-Box empty blauw/wit    0303101
First Aid B-Box empty rood/wit    03031011
First Aid B-Box empty wit / wit    03011012
First Aid B-Box wall bracket wit    0301102
First Aid B-Box filling    03030190
First Aid B-Box car / travelling (incl filling)    03030212

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