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Backpacks and Bags for Emergency Rescue

 Boscarol Emergency backpacks  Number One emergency backpacks
 Pax Wasserkuppe backpacks  Escort en Profil backpacks

 MediKing Bag\Slash backpack

 Privat/Octett backpacks
 AEROcase Emergency backpaks/bags  Söhngen First Aid bags



Emergency Rescue Backpacks and Bags from Boscarol

Boscarol Rescue Backpack 118

1 wide front pocket. Shockproof red internal rigid pocket. 2 spaces with closing obtained from the basin. Puffed pockets with elastic Made of red tear- waterproof material. Padded shoulder belts. 1 refractive strip. 1 anterior small window for the insertion of identity cards/logos. Dimensions: about 32x22x52h cm.
Boscarol Rescue Backpack 118    0307030
Boscarol Rescue Backpack with 02-compartiment
1 wide frontal pocket. Inner, rigid, red basin with lateral oxygen bottle holder. 4 coloured removable pouches with transparent frontal. Made of red tear-proof impermeable material. Padded shoulder-straps. 2 refractive strips. Size : 35 x 22 x 52 cm.
Boscarol Rescue Backpack with O2 compartment  0307026





pax kindertas



oxy compact

Emergency Rescue backppacks from PAX & MediKing

Pax backpacks and bags are available in various designs and colors, we have three listed in the catalog, but all other models are also possible.

PAX Wasserkuppe L ST-FT
Wasserkuppe L ST FT is the standard backpack for ambulance. Made of red plan, a PVC-like material. Two small side pockets and a large side pocket, also a front pocket. 6 x transparent inner bags, 1x adjustable central divider for various items, 1x clip for a pupillary light Size: 55 x 55 x 30 cm. 52 ltr, 4,1 kg

Wasserkuppe L ST-FT Pax-plan rood    0404008
PAX Wasserkuppe L ST-FT2
The large standard emergency backpack for the emergency services with 2 front pockets compatible with the POS system, and 9 transparent inside pockets and side pockets. The standard central partition is designed for intubation equipment. Afmeting: 55 x 55 x 30 cm, inhoud: 81 liter, gewicht 5,2 kg.
Wasserkuppe L ST-FT2 Pax-plan red  0404009
PAX Doctor's Bag /Child Emergency Bag
We have catered for the particular challenges of paediatric mergencies with this bag. A colour-coded measuring tape and corresponding inside pocket allow the emergency equipment to be divided up into different
body sizes. 2 resuscitation bags, intubation equipment and drips are stored in the body or the side pockets. Very compact design. Incl. ampoule holder Afmeting: 62 x 31 x 22 cm, 37 ltr, 1,8 kg.
PAX doctor's /child emergency bag plan red    0406017
PAX Plan Oxy-Compact oxygen bags
The bag for carrying maximum supplies in the O2 sector: Quick-release closure with access to an oxygen bottle with attached valve bag and/or demand valve! An ampoule kit with the most important resuscitation medications can be stored in the bag‘s rear section. The side pockets offer space for a suction unit (supply through outlet in the center wall) or a manual aspiration pump. Intubation set and small items can be stored either directly in various loops or in our intubation bags.
The outer pocketscan accommodate, e.g., two small infusion bags. The backpack carrying straps permit comfortable carrying, even for longer periods of time and in diffi cult terrain! Inside pocket and intubation bag are not included. 1x shoulder carrying strap, 1x oxygen holder, 1x easy zip-it set, 1x backpack straps.
Size L: 58 x 25 x 27 cm. Capacity: 46 liters. Weight:. 3.1 kg.
Size XL: 70 x 25 x 27 cm. Capacity: 56 liters. Weight: 3.2 kg.
Pax Plan Oxy-Compact L 58 x 25 x 27 cm, 46 ltr     0307013
Pax Plan Oxy-Compact XL 70 x 25 x 27 cm, 56 ltr     0307014

Mediking Bag\slash backpack

The backpack is made of Complan (PVC material - waterproof).
The main compartment consists a plastic frame and can be divided in 6 sub compartments.
The front compartment has also a plastic frame and can storage small items i.e. instruments, ampoules etc. The 2 side pockets (15x35x5cm) has reflection stripes. Size: 40 x 50 x 20 cm.
Bag\slash rusgzak    0406005



pax kindertas

aerocase zuurstof

AEROcase Emergency backpacks and bags
We provide a number of First Aid backpacks and bags from Aerocase. More versions on request.

This backpack is designed for professional emergency services. Made of waterproof PVC material. The exterior has two front pockets and one large and two small side pockets. The interior is divided into compartments. Supplied with 7 inner bags inside: 2 x CR, 2 x CM and CL 2x and 1x CXL. Clear Integrated oxygen bottle holder for 1,0 / 2,0 liter bottles. Size: 54h x 48 x 25 cm.
AEROcase EPLC red plane    0307004
AEROcase Pro 1R is for the perfect standard emergency backpack for professional use. The interior impresses with its flexibility and individual organizational possibilities. In the three divided main compartment, which can be closed by a coverflap, the integrated 3 matching module pockets can be integrated easily. The additional 2 modular pockets can be placed on the front with hook and loop fastener. Additionally 2 side pockets and 2 front pockets provide storage space for extensive medical equipment. Two versions: Plan of polyester material with a choice of colors: red or blue. Dimensions: 47h x 36 x 26 cm.
AEROcase PRO 1R red plan  0307008
AEROcase PRO 1R blue plan  0307009
AEROcase PRO 1R red polyester  0307007
AEROcase PRO 1R blue polyester  0307005
AEROcase PRO L Emergency Bag
Die AEROcase® Pro L is the ideal emergency bag for professional first
aid. It is extremely robust, durable and dimensionally stable constructed and equipped with wide and high quality zippers. The padded walls protect the entire equipment. The bag is featured with a large main compartment with a variable interior and numerous large pockets at the sides, the front and on the cover. The hinged front pocket with its many useful elastic attachment straps and compartments is divided extensively. Size: 52 x 32 x 32h cm.
AEROcase Pro Emergency Bag plan  0307003
AEROcase OBL oxygen bag
Large capacity for oxygen cylinder (up to 5 Liter), pressure regulator, demand valve, manual resuscitator. Strong shoulder strap and 3 belts for fixation to a stretcher or a hospital bed.
AEROcase Pro oxygen bag  0307010























Söhngen Emergency backpacks and bags

Number One emergency backpack
the Number One is designed and manufactured to withstand the hardest of work environments. The rucksacks are available in CORDURA® (three times stronger and durable than nylon fabric) or COMPLAN (PVC look a like, tear proof, impermeable, waterproof) materials. The shockproof mainframe is designed for secure, multiple product storage i.e. 1 or 2 Litre oxygen bottles, pressure regulators, suction pumps and resuscitators. The mainframe lid is equipped with five removable, coloured module pouches, each representing a specific medical
field (3 large inner pouches red, blue, yellow and 2 small inner pouches, blue and yellow). Externally, the Number One has 5 storage pockets, a 2-way zip closing facility and multiple reflector striping. Size: 530 x 430 x 220 mm.
Number One COMPLAN orange    0406011
Number One COMPLAN blue    0406012
Inner pouche large blue    0406006
Inner pouche large yellow    0406007
Inner pouche large red    04060060
Inner pouche small blue    0406009
Inner pouche small yellow    0406010
Inner pouche small red  04060090
ESCORT Emergency backpack
Escort is a very large professional emergency backpack. Made of PVC-like material, is waterproof and dirt-resistant. Separate compartments for organized storage of all kinds of first aid materials. Also available with compartment for an oxygen bottle. Size: 53 x 50 x 30 cm.
ESCORT backpack      0406020
ESCORT backpack with 02-bottle holder  0406019
PROFIL emergency backpack
Completely redesigned emergency backpack for the professional rescuer. Made of durable water-and dirt-resistant PVC material. On the outside with one large and two small side pockets for storage of medical materials. 2 big inner compartments can be divided by movable partitions. Includes straps for a 1 or 2 liters of oxygen. A removable partition with 1 side 3 large and 2 small inner pouches can be attached for storing smaller medical articles. Size: 50 x 35 x 25 cm, wt. 6.5 kg
PROFIL (incl 5 inner pouches & 02-bottle holder)  0406060


Emergency backpacks Privat en Octett
Privat backpack is made of coated nylon, whilke Octett is made of Cordura. Cordura has outstanding durability and excellent resistance to tears and punctures. Both bags are the same size: 48 x 35 x 22 cm. The mainframe consists of 3 compartments. Two outer side pockets and a front pocket. The front compartment can be used for inner pouches. See at Number One backpacks.
Privat rugtas nylon    0406003
Octett rugtas cordura    0406002

Söhngen First Aid bags
Sanitas EHBO bag is made of a sturdy nylon fabric, it is water and tear resistant. The base of the bag is 120 mm deep and is zip opened. Strong plastic frame with different compartments allows for a better product overview. The upper part of the holdall also opens using a strong zip. The inner parts are equipped with velcro fasteners, rubber storage loops and pockets for the storage of small materials.
Size: 47 x 26 x30 cm.
The Stand-By Shoulder Bag when fully extended, features two large storage compartments and a flat working space. Made from coated
synthetic material, orange colour, washable and easy to maintain.
Size 240 x 240 x 130 mm

Sanitats First Aid bag    0405002
First Aid stand-by bag    0404003

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