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  Almeva BV
  Kabelstraat 10
  1322 AD ALMERE
  Tel: +31 (0)36 533 52 60
  Fax: +31 (0)36 532 28 67
  E-mail: info@almeva.nl
  KvK: 310-48109
  Sale managers:
  Martin Schrijver
  Ruben Hoogenberg

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 Terms of Sale

General Terms and Conditions of Sales

Filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Amersfoort OB No. 310-48109 NL801115632B01

1. Any deviation from the following conditions of sale shall only apply if and when this will be confirmed in written form. Such a derogation applies only once. Our quotations are without obligation. The sale will first be made ​​either because they are confirmed by us in writing either by the order is executed, without the buyer is entitled to unilaterally cancel. Previously de facto by us Even if changes are made ​​after placed the order in the order continue the present conditions of sale apply. The documentation provided by us, pictures, samples and otherwise, remain our property and are not binding for us.

2. All quotations are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise expressly stated by us. All prices include packing, unless special packing is required. Agreements shall always be deemed to have been concluded on the basis of the prices on the day of shipment to our generally applicable. We reserve the right to charge. Currency differences when importing items For orders with a net goods value below € 200.00 excluding VAT, we can bring a shipping surcharge. If canceled other than for exceeding the delivery time will be 15% (fifteen percent) of the total amount will be charged.

3. Delivery is made ​​from our warehouse, before unloading. Railway express shipments extra fee will be charged. The time of delivery shall be the date of shipment. Orally or in writing delivery shall be taken into account as far as possible by us. Unless it can be supplied from stock, the delivery period starts on the day the written confirmation of the order, provided that all required information is in our possession for the execution thereof. We are particularly not to the delivery if interim changes in order to be made ​​or if unforeseen circumstances or force majeure occur. Exceeding the delivery time will never give the buyer the right to change the terms of payment, discount, damages or cancellation of the order.

4. Force majeure means: Any faults in the company, staff sickness, non-performance of our suppliers, transport disturbances, strikes, lockouts, mobilization, war, flood, etc. In case of force majeure, we will at all times entitled to purchase all or part of cancellation of any further obligation, and we will be dismissed without the buyer will be able to derive them. any right to compensation or otherwise facing us We reserve the right, during the period of force majeure to extend the delivery period by a reasonable period again without that we will be under the delayed delivery. Obliged to pay damages to the buyer.

5. To the extent otherwise expressly not agreed, the buyer is obliged to pay within 21 days of the invoice date by payment or exceeding our bank account or in cash at our offices. Deviating conditions of payment shall be permitted only when this is mentioned in both the tender and on the invoice. We reserve the right to deliver cash on delivery or in whole, or to demand, if we deem it appropriate. Partial prepayment Failure by the purchaser to meet our payment terms absolve us from our delivery obligations. In the event of bankruptcy, death or under guardianship of the buyer, if execution is levied if the buyer applies for a moratorium on all or part of its assets or income as well as if under a statutory provision an administrator about him / her appointed components, and if the buyer does not comply with the provisions of Article 6, the entire purchase price or the remainder thereof immediately due and payable in full, while all possible arrangements expire. If the purchase price, to the extent payable-on the day her fall due is not paid, the buyer will be in legal default by the mere expiry of the term without any warning or notice of default will be required and we shall be entitled, without judicial intervention, the agreement immediately to consider the part not yet been implemented as dissolved without prejudice to our rights to payment of the already delivered and on the compensation. Moreover, in that case, the purchaser from the date of payment falls interest due until the date of payment of 2% (two percent) per month of the amount, payment of which he / she is at fault, while he / furthermore they our behalf will forfeit a penalty wide 10% (ten percent) of the total amount of the purchase price. This interest and penalty are also payable by the mere expiry of the payment period, without any warning or notice of default will be needed. Any complaints about the delivered to the buyer the right to suspend payments in whole or in part, while any appeal from the buyer compensation is explicitly excluded.

6. Either before or after execution of the order - - if we deem it necessary, the purchaser will personally provide security at our pleasure, necessary for the proper performance of his obligations.

7. If and so long as the payment of the purchase price has not been made, we reserve the ownership of the goods delivered. Only after the full payment is legal delivery place. We are entitled to take back the delivered goods as the buyer is obliged to return, if any of the cases occurs as referred to in Article 5 (five). We are entitled to return the goods taken privately, or publicly, sell and meet us out.

8. All costs of a judicial or extrajudicial recovery of amounts not timely paid shall be borne by the buyer. Furthermore, the buyer will generally be held zijner-/harerzijds in all cases of breach of contract to reimburse the costs incurred by us for legal assistance, transportation, etc. to us.

9. Complaints must be made ​​within 8 (eight) days after the invoice date to be brought under penalty of inadmissibility. Written to our knowledge Each shipment shall be considered in relation to this article as a separate transaction. Complaints, relating to a particular mission, are not, therefore, influence on the following items. For goods subject to the guarantee, which we can achieve. Among our own suppliers If appropriate, a complaint is made, we may at our discretion either repair the goods at our expense, or replaced with new, the cost of transport for our expense. We are not liable for loss or damage to machinery, buildings, goods or persons. Data relating to carrying capacity, dimensions, rolling resistance, chemical resistance, sterility and so rely on us by bona fide factories, laboratories or research department reports supplied. Any liability for this is not accepted by us.

10. Regarding the agreement and any other activity which is related, we declare to choose at our office in Almere. Domicile All disputes arising from and related to our affected transactions will be settled by the competent court within whose jurisdiction we are located.

11. Full or partial acquisition of texts and / or images from our documentation, without our express permission is prohibited.



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